Commercial Cleaning Biz

Benefits and Tips for Choosing a Cleaning Service Company


Commercial properties require frequent and thorough cleaning. This requires that the business hire personnel and buy equipment to undertake the cleaning work. However, most businesses find that this model of hiring staff for cleaning is not cost effective for the business. They therefore turn to the services of professional commercial cleaning companies. Commercial medical office cleaning services come with their own crew and equipment and therefore the business does not need to hire more people of buy equipment. Commercial cleaning services are also important if your business requires specialized cleaning. When are hiring a commercial cleaning company, you need to be sure that the one you hire is professional and will do a thorough job for you. Here are some factors to consider when selecting a cleaning company to hire.


Experience is one of the major factors to consider when hiring a cleaning company. Just like in any other profession, experience plays a major role in the quality of work that a cleaning company offers. The best cleaning company to choose is one that has a long experience in the business with a proven track record of good service. This you can do by checking the number of clients or accounts that the company services.


The type of facilities that the company cleans is also a factor that you should consider. A company might have been in the commercial cleaning business for a long time, but have not experience cleaning the type of facility that you own. For example, a company that has been offering school cleaning services only may not be the best to hire for medical office cleaning services. This is because such a company may not have the required knowledge for specialized medical office cleaning. However, there are some like Square Feat Inc. that provide an all-round janitorial service. Square feat is a full service janitorial company that services office buildings, healthcare facilities, education facilities, restaurants and other specialized facilities. Watch this video at and know more about cleaning.

Find out the types of cleaning products and equipment the cleaning company like Square Feat Inc. will be using on your facility. This is for the protection of your facility as the wrong products or equipment can cause damage to the surfaces being cleaned. Some companies use chemicals that are certified for green cleaning. These are the best to choose.

The cleaning company should also be insured to protect you from any liability should a claim arise. A company that carries an insurance for business liability and another for workers' compensation will not hesitate to show you a copy of their certificate.